It’s About That Time!

It’s mid-March 2016! Anyone who’s tuned into the MBA application process knows it’s that time when round 2 acceptances, waitlists and dings are rolling in by the boat load [Clear Admit Live Wire, anyone?]. Everyone is asking, “So, which school did you get into”. What they don’t realize is how touchy the subject is as they haven’t thought about the fact that some may not have gotten into their top choice MBA program or any program at all.

But enough with the doom and gloom! Let’s celebrate business school acceptances…and maybe waitlists (if there’s a good chance they turn into admits by the April 5th deposit deadline of our second choice school).

This is a time to be joyful…and relieved. You’ve just done what many give up on or find outright impossible. You’ve shelled out a crap load of $$$ and devoted countless hours getting to this point. Let’s not even talk about the emotional high and low points and soul searching you encountered during GMAT/GRE practice tests and essay draft #4. We won’t even go there. Uh uh.

For me, this process started in June 2016 when I decided to go to business school. I made it official by registering to attend a GMAT prep course offered by Veritas Prep.  Excellent course, well worth the $$$ in my opinion. I knew very little about business school and the MBA application process. So in August, I began attending information sessions hosted by schools like Tuck, Harvard, Columbia and Stanford.  At MBA fairs I met representatives from Chicago Booth, Ross, Haas, Darden, Emory and UNC. I  jumped at the opportunity to attend full-day and weekend Diversity events at Wharton, Tuck, Harvard, Kellogg and NYU. Lots if $$$, which I did not factor in at the beginning of this journey. But, it was well worth the effort and opportunity of speaking directly with the Admissions Committees, current students and alumni.

After all of the face time and online research, I could seriously write a book about the MBA admissions process. I’m glad it’s over (in a good way). I look forward to the next phase of this experience: preparing to enroll!

Overall, I’m proud of myself and I’m also proud of my fellow prospective MBA students. Kudos to us. We rock!


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