MBA Book Bag Options

Remember when we were middle school and high school students and those darn ‘Back-to-school’ commercials would begin airing ahead of schedule…like in July and August? Ugh, way too early. I surely didn’t need reminders of cool new school supplies and colorful Disney lunch boxes flashing on the TV during my two months of total bliss.

Well guys, after all of these years, the tide has changed. I’m totally excited about the prospect of becoming a full-time student again. Business school doesn’t start for another five or six months and I have been daydreaming about bookbag styles and laptops.

Below you’ll find several bookbags that combine design and function very well. Many have laptop compartments, which is a plus for future business school students.


This Briggs and Riley Ballistic Nylon backpack has every pocket imaginable and it is made of quality, sturdy materials. Well-cushioned laptop compartment is available too.


The Sympatico SP160-4 back pack is pretty minimalist with very clean lines, which appeals to me.


The Tumi Alpha Bravo Canon Medium backpack looks great and is comfortable to carry. It’s a departure from the normal black backpack.

The Eastpak Classic leather backpack looks like it would hold up in rainy weather quite well. Hello New England rain showers! I’m ready for ya.


The FRYE Men’s Logan Antique Pull Up backpack is another stylish, classic bookbag.


I have my eye on you Herschel Corduroy Little America backpack. This is a wonderful option to carry during the spring and autumn seasons. And the straps are wide and well-cushioned.

The Herschel Retreat backpack is a smaller version of the Little America backpack above. It’s pretty sweet too!

Wow, hasn’t Jansport come a long way? I’d definitely consider buying this Skip Yowell or Pleasanton for my brother or little cousin.

We can’t forget good ole’ canvas backpacks. Seen on college campuses around the world for decades, this style of backpack is here to stay!

Loving the Rainier Leather Rucksack and the Lennon Rucksack by Will Leather Goods!

Aren’t these M.R.K.T Kendrick Industrial Felt backpacks pretty cool? The design is so futuristic. Seems like a breath of fresh air in the land of backpacks. The colors are so vibrant. Loving the boxy shape too.

The M.R.K.T Evan Industrial Felt backpacks


The M.Z. Wallace Metro Quilted Oxford Nylon backpack is perfect if you’re in search of a lightweight, nylon backpack…and also if you’re into quilted fabrics. Not my thing though. Use to be…

The Rag & Bone Derby backpack

Jessica Alba’s ‘The Honest Co.‘ gets it right with this Faux Leather Diaper backpack design. Hey, it can be used for books too. A bag is a bag is a bag is a bag!

Upon first glance, you would never know the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy ‘Be Right Back’ backpack is actually a diaper bag. And neither would the gal sitting next you in class. So, get it! These designs are too fun to pass up.

Matt & Nate’s Fabi Vegan Leather Laptop and Brave Vegan Leather backpack is a sleek, stylish bag design. When I see vegan non-food items, I immediately think ‘environmentally conscious’. Extra points for you!

My pick? I personally love love love the Kroyer backpack from Skagen!


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