You Can’t Sit With Us…

Upon gaining entry to a few business schools, I decided to email current MBA students for advice. One thing about MBA students is that they are a thoughtful, supportive and wise group of people. More prospective MBA students should reach out to them prior to starting business school. 

Anyway, the response rate was superb! I purposely emailed more than a few students. That is because the first MBA student I ever contacted pretty much played me by email in a very PC manner.


Maybe she was busy recruiting and couldn’t devote the time. Who knows.

Unfortunately, that led me to believe most MBA students were the same way.

I was totally wrong. The ‘Pay It Forward’ culture is very real on business school campuses. I can’t tell you how many times my contacts have shared their b-school experience with me and then agree to forward my email to a buddy who has the same career goals or is interning at my dream firm. And they follow up on it! I look forward to the time when I can share my MBA experience with prospective and newly admitted students.



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