A Visit to Yale SOM

While driving up to Evans Hall, Yale Schol of Management’s new multi million dollar state of the art, futuristic building, I must say I was impressed. 


Upon entering the building, I was given instructions to walk to the MBA Admissions ‘Welcome’ area. 


After checking in, a few more prospective students arrived and we began to chat. It was a small, diverse and friendly group of ten of us. Some had already applied to Yale but were waitlisted like myself. Others were undergraduates or professionals with plans to apply sometime during the next two years. 

One of the best parts of the entire tour occurred before it even started. A 1st year student happily walked by, spotted us and began to smile. We said hi to him and the long conversation between us began. I remember he was cool as ever as he openly shared many b-school tips with us: best classes and professors, life as a 1st year student, the best parties and trips, recruiting advice, and examples of Yales ‘Pay-It-Forward’ culture. Once the Yale SOM tour officially started, our new friend handed out his business card to each of us and bid farewell. 

The visit consisted of: 

  • Class (core or elective)
  • Evans Hall tour
  • Lunch with current students
  • Tour of Yale University campus
  • Q&A with Yale SOM’s AdCom

I’ll share my perspective of each component of the visit below:


We had the opportunity to attend one class from a list of twelve core and elective classes. The classes covered many topics including decision making, economics, the executive and finance. I chose a class called ‘The Innovator’ as I thought it would be the most interesting dialogue between students and the professor about entrepreneurship. However, our new friend warned us earlier that it was the first session of the quarter and because students have not cover d much of the course material yet, it may not be that interesting. He was right. 

Evans Hall Tour

This was an OK tour. 

The group was split in half. We pretty much chose our group based on our tour guides’ introductions. They were current students.

We walked around the first and second floors of Evans Hall while our tour guides pointed out libraries, classrooms, study rooms and key offices and school departments. I liked that aspect of the tour. 

But once the walking tour turned into a long Q&A session, I completely lost interest. Many of the answers could be found on the Yale SOM website.
Lunch With Current Students

Wow! Who knew a basic cole slaw salad and veggie sandwich could taste so good! It’s all in the marinade, all in the marinade… Yale SOM sure knows how to cater a delicious, filling meal. I was very satisfied. 

The additional Q&A session was led you one of my tour guides. It was ok. Honestly, I don’t remember this portion of the visit. I was busy savoring the taste of my meal. #ImportantThings

Tour of Yale University Campus

This tour was led by an undergraduate student of Yale College. He was quite an impressive young man. He knew the history of Yale and every statue, building and square inch of the campus like the back of his hand. I was never bored during this walking tour and recommend it.


Q&A With Yale SOM’s AdCom

This was more so a welcome speech from the member of the AdCom. He wanted to know more about us so we introduced ourselves to him. Afterwards, a current first year student, who gained admissions directly out of undergrad, hosted another Q&A session. 

I stepped outside with the AdCom member. He was aware that that I was waitlisted by Yale and he said he’d tell the AdCom that I visited. But, I had no plans to work hard to get off of Yale’s waitlist. So, I told him that I’d decided to attend a top four b-school. He genuinely congratulated me for getting in to such a well-respected school. 

I left after our conversation. It was a high point of the visit and a good note to leave on.